Apple Galette

This week I baked an apple galette. A galette is similar to a pie, but it isn’t baked in a shell, so it doesn’t have a restricted shape. Galettes are baked on a baking mat.

First of all, I made the dough. The dough recipe was written by Julie van Rosendaal, and olny usd 3 ingredients:water, flour, and salt. The recipe said that I needed to use 1-2 tablespoons of water, and one tablespoon wasn’t enough, so I added another. That still wasn’t enough to make the dough stick, so I added another tablespoon of water. this finally made it stick well enough. I then left the dough to rest for 15 minutes.

The dough is resting.

While the dough rested, I peeled and cut the apples. i definitely struggled with this, since it took me almost twenty mintues to cut and peel two relatively small apples.

After I finished struggling to cut the apples, I just had to roll the dough into a circular shape, and mix the apples with cinnamon and sugar. I accidentally added more thean one shake of cinnamon, but that’s fine. I finally placed the apples into the dough. I added some milk onto the edges of the folded up dough. Then I placed it into the oven, originally for 45 minutes, but I decided to leave it in for 5 more minutes.

Overall, this recipe was pretty okay. I think that I overcooked the galette because it was hard to cut, but I liked the crispiness. Next time, I would only bake this recipe for 45 minutes in the oven.

Reviewing the Plan

So in the beginning of Genius Hour I said that I wanted to learn how to bake different pastries. I would consider my self doing pretty okay. I think that my progress is further along than what I anticipated. Since part of this project is presenting, I should probably start planning my presentation. I also need to think about consulting an expert. I think I am also behind in some blog posts, so I need to catch up on that.

I might also try to bake some cream puffs or maybe another type of galette or pie. I could also try to bake something with puff pastry too.

Genius Hour Blog Post 7

For this week of Genius Hour, I attempted to bake cinnamon palmiers. Palmiers are a type of French pastry.

The reicpe I used is from

The recipe says that you needed to use one sheet of puff pastry to make 24 palmiers, so I used 1 block of Tenderflake. HOwever, this only made 12 palmiers.

During my first attempt to roll the puff pastry, I overrolled it and it became WAYYY too sticky, so I had try it again.

During the second attempt, I didn’t overoll the puff pastry. As stated earlier, the recipe actually made 24 palmiers and used 1/3 cup of sugar for inside of the palmiers. That was way too much sugar, and it kept falling out as i tried to cut the pastry. Also, the pastry kept falling apart and not sticking.

When I put the palmiers into the oven, after they finished baking they unrolled themselves and there was a LOT of burned sugar on the bottom because I addded too much cinnamon and sugar.

The palmiers were too sweet and there was a lot of burned sugar on the bottom of them, making them really crunchy, and not in a good way. In conclsuion, I think this recipe was a big fail.

buttered puff pastry
in the oven
finished palmiers

This time…

I didn’t have too much time to bake anything, so I decided to try baking some cinnamon bun cookies.

Here is the recipe link:

Actually, I was pretty surprised that the recipe took a lot longer than I expected it to be. I had to chill the dough in the fridge for 30 minutes.

The dough was a lot thicker than some other cookie recipes I baked in the past.

Ingredients in the bowl before mixing

After mixing the ingredients together it was time to put the dough into the fridge to chill for half an hour.

Time to go into the fridge

While the dough chilled, I decided to make the cream cheese icing that the cookie dough recipe came with. I decided to halve the icing recipe so that some of the cookies aren’t as sweet for middle aged people, like my mom.

For the icing, I used cream cheese, butter, icing sugar , vanilla extract, and some milk. While I was making the icing, I decided to try some and it was very tasty.

a tiny amount of icing in a large bowl

After the dough finished baking, I left them on a cooling rack to cool down. After that, I finished icing them. Since I couldn’t find any piping bags I decided to use a Ziploc bag with a hole cut in the corner.

Cookies without icing
Iced cookies

I think I did pretty good on this recipe, because the cookies tasted and looked not too bad. As you can see, I don’t have much expertise using icing due to a lack of experience. The icing was wonderful, but the cookies were kind of dense and I think the cookies could’ve used more cinnamon in them. I also forgot to sprinkle cinnamon over the fresh icing, so that might have something to do with it. In conclusion, I think this recipe was pretty sucessful, yet it was kind of time consuming.

Things that suprised me

SO, for this Genius Hour week I baked some cinnamon buns, because I am trying to learn how to bake a variety of pastries. The recipe I followed was created by Julie Van Rosendaal, and it said to bake the cinnamon buns in the oven for 15-18 minutes. I was surprised that this time isn’t actually long enough to make the buns have a “golden” color, and the buns were more pasty white.

What I did

As stated previously, I was going to learn how to bake for my Genius Hour Project. yesterday I baked the cinnamon buns, and they turned out ok.

That is what they ended up looking like. I think the taste was fine, but some things that I think can be improved are the cutting of the cinnamon buns because they were kinda uneven and rolling them, because as I was rolling the dough, it kinda started to fall apart. Also, the end piece of the dough (top left one in the corner) didn’t have too much of the cinnamon filling in it. Next time I might have to bake the cinnamon rolls for a bit longer than the recommended 20 minutes, cause they seem a little undercooked.

I ate one not too long after and I thought it had a decent level of sweetness.

I think I should definitely try to bake this specific recipe again later in this project.


Genius Hour Planning

For my Genius Hour Project I think I will either do bake cinnamon rolls and other types of related food.

  1. For my Genius Hour Projecty I want to specifically bake rolls and other cinnamon roll-like food because whenever I go to a bakery I usually order some type of cinnamon roll, and I have baked other types of desserts in tha past, but I’ve never tried to bake cinnamon rolls.
  2. If I achieve my goal, I should be able to bake tasty cinnamon rolls, and not run into any major problems while baking.
  3. To get to being able to bake cinnamon rolls, I will look at recipes on Pinterest and maybe watch some tutorials on Youtube if I need to.
  4. For baking I’ll probably need basic baking supplies, like flour, sugar, salt, etc. I will probably need a pan to bake the rolls in.
  5. I might need help with getting baking supplies from a grocery store, if I need them, and taste testing the cinnamon rolls so I can know more opinions and what I need to immprove or try differently. And maybe for using the oven, ’cause for some reason I have an irrationial fear of falling into it(like the with from Hansel and Gretel)…

About Me

My name is Caitlin and I’m a child in the 8th grade, I live in the capital city of Alberta, in a house with my mother, father, younger sister and two suspicious goldfish.

My ideas for this Genius Hour Project are baking(something other than Fry’s Cocoa Brownies) and maybe embroidery(because I have a basic embroidery kit that I never started) and typing because I literally CAN NOT type.